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Business areas

Kapsch Holding focuses on four strategic areas and is continuously committed to expanding these further. The long-term and stable development of both the companies and the underlying values are at the center of its activities.

Telecommunications for rail and traffic
Industrial clocks
Voice alarm and public address systems

Hydroelectric power plants

Austria and Germany in focus
Focus on office and industrial buildings

Cattle and sheep production
Various other investments


The history of the Kapsch company is a fascinating journey from its beginnings in 1892 to the modern era after the year 2000. Founded by Johann Kapsch in Vienna, the company started as a precision engineering workshop producing Morse telegraphs, telegraphs, and telephones. After World War I, Kapsch expanded its production to capacitors and dry cell batteries and entered the emerging field of radios. The company remained innovative and introduced the first telephone call in Austria's digital mobile network in 1986. After 2000, the Kapsch family divided its activities, and Kapsch Holding GmbH now operates independently, investing in diverse business areas, and continues the history of its successful corporate development.

Johann Kapsch founds a precision engineering workshop in Vienna. This workshop produced Morse telegraphs, telegraphs, and telephones.

Australian countryside rural autumn landscape. Group of sheep grazing in paddock at farm

Kapsch begins manufacturing capacitors and dry cell batteries. The production of radios begins: the first KAPSCH radio receiver "Pioneer L" with three-tube loudspeaker technology. Soon after, Kapsch becomes a co-founder of RAVAG, the Austrian Radio Traffic AG, and is thus crucial for the Austrian radio era.


TV broadcasting largely enters Austrian households, and Kapsch introduces the first black and white television, model TFS-56, to the Austrian market.

Introduction of the first color television "Chromomatic."


First telephone call in Austria within the new digital mobile network.

The W. Kapsch family sells its share in Kapsch AG to the other family unit and has since pursued its own activities.

Kapsch Holding GmbH operates independently and invests in multiple business areas.

Focus on the areas of industry, energy, real estate, and KAPSCH FARMS.


We hold our companies majority-owned at 100% and finance them from our own funds.

Future projects

The realization of new projects and the further development of existing investments are our daily challenges. We are open to new ideas that fit our thematic focus.
Investments are our daily challenge.
We are open to new ideas that align with our thematic focus.

Renewable energies

Wir suchen laufend neue Projekte im Bereich erneuerbare Energien.

Investment proposals welcome.

If you have investment proposals, we look forward to discussing them with you.