Leadership in sustainability.

Kapsch Farms focuses on dryland farming and modern technology.

With Kapsch Farms, we manage agricultural land in New South Wales, Australia.

Covering an area of over 5000 hectares, Kapsch Farms is a pioneer in sustainable agriculture in New South Wales, Australia. Our focus is on the cultivation of wheat, millet, canola, triticale, chickpeas, and fodder grasses perfectly adapted to the regional climatic conditions. In addition, we utilize a portion of our land for grazing cattle and sheep herds, ensuring holistic management practices.

We consistently pursue "dryland farming," which requires no additional irrigation and relies solely on natural rainfall. This not only enables resource-efficient management but also contributes to a sustainable ecosystem. Our operational philosophy is based on the careful use of resources and the long-term preservation of soil fertility.

By employing state-of-the-art agricultural technology and integrating new technologies into our workflows, we maximize the efficiency of our farming practices. From precision-guided tractors to drone technology for monitoring and analyzing fields, we harness the opportunities of digital innovation to increase productivity while minimizing environmental impacts. At Kapsch Farms, the connection of tradition and innovation lies at the heart of our sustainable agricultural practices.

Global diversification

Through its activities in Australia, the Kapsch Holding implements the chosen diversification strategy and further expands its asset portfolio.